At Pixability, we’re driven to supplying advertisers with the most advanced video advertising platform on the planet — and our latest patent award reflects that commitment. To help advertisers understand, isolate, and engage audiences based on what’s driving impact, Pixability has developed machine learning technology that precisely identifies distribution opportunities for advertiser campaigns.

This most recent patent, which deconstructs video content and uses data science to map videos to brand personalities and IAB content types, empowers advertisers through more holistic, insights-based targeting strategies. With this cutting-edge technology, marketers can now more deeply connect the dots between audiences, creators, and brands in the ever-expanding digital video ecosystem through the world’s first YouTube Contextual Graph.

This unique targeting technology harnesses bleeding-edge deep learning and the computation and visualization of large-scale graphs to connect and classify YouTube content so that advertisers can conduct precision targeting and gain actionable intelligence.

Our proprietary technology and years of historical data empower advertisers through:

  • industry-specific target mapping (including demographics, topics and interests)
  • enhanced deep learning processes to algorithmically classify YouTube content, including the ability to decipher which IAB category YouTube videos and channels belong to
  • brand alignment and brand personality mapping
  • campaign placement and performance visualization (for both channel and video placements), enabling advertisers to uncover insights on which audiences are ultimately the most valuable

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