YouTube, Facebook, and other dominant video ad platforms continue to invest in rolling out new products and features — and it’s enough to make a marketer’s head spin.

To get up to speed, we’ve compiled the latest updates and innovative strategies from the video platforms that matter to digital marketers:

YouTube Rolls Out Mobile Picture-In-Picture Globally

Previously limited to only YouTube Premium subscribers, the platform recently rolled out picture-in-picture mode to all mobile users in the United States. And YouTube is reportedly rolling this feature out to users around the globe — allowing users to watch videos on their devices while using other apps, encouraging viewership on the platform.

In addition, YouTube also finished rolling out YouTube TV to every U.S. market — confused about the difference between YouTube TV and YouTube for TV Screens? Check out our explainer.

Connected TV Impressions Are On The Rise

As more and more consumers cut the cable cord — or skip cable entirely, opting instead for digital content — impressions of Connected TV ads are climbing rapidly. As reported in MediaPost, impressions of Connected TV ads make up 28% of total impressions of video ads.

On The Horizon: Instagram Is Rolling Out Interactive Stories — Stay Tuned

With more than 500M users per day, Instagram Stories are a highly effective format for reaching engaged audiences through vertical video. Instagram recently started testing Interactive Stories, allowing select brand marketers to place polls against their Instagram Stories to motivate consumers to engage with their ads — sparking conversation and building community.

Here’s a quick poll: would you be interested in polling your audience through Instagram Stories? Let us know, and keep an eye out for this closed beta to be rolled out to brand marketers around the globe.