The 2024 Grammy Awards were indeed a night to remember for women across the world, as AP reported that every televised competitive award went to at least one woman. SZA had the most grammy nominations (12) while Phoebe Bridgers took home the most awards (4) during the show. 

“Can we acknowledge for a second how women have dominated the music industry this year?” was a direct quote from Trevor Noah’s opening monologue during the 2024 Grammy Awards, which aired Sunday night. 

Both those who watched the Grammys live and those who missed the live recording are flocking to YouTube to rewatch the most memorable pieces of the evening. In the last 24 hours (as of Tuesday, February 6), 18 of the top 25 highest growth searches relating to “Grammy Awards” included women, with Tracy Chapman leading the charge with her performance alongside country singer Luke Combs. YouTube search interest for “tracy chapman grammys 2024 performance” grew 350% in the last day. 

The Recording Academy uploaded a whopping 270+ videos since Sunday’s show, accounting for every acceptance speech, footage from the Grammy audience, and red carpet looks. The channel’s highest-viewed videos were featuring A-List female icons and amounted to more than 17M views (and counting!) in the last 2 days. Acceptance speeches saw the most views on the Recording Academy’s YouTube channel, with the most-viewed video being Miley Cyrus’s acceptance speech for Record of the Year for her song “Flowers” at 5.1M views.

The success of the Grammy 2024 YouTube channel shows the impact viral television moments can have on YouTube video content. Viewers can nearly guarantee that they can head to YouTube to watch (and re-watch) these moments again and again. 

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