Pixability’s Brand Safety Guarantee

DependAbility Premium & DependAbility At Scale ensure your video ads are brand-safe, viewable, and brand-appropriate for every campaign

Our Brand Safety Promise

For every YouTube campaign, we will put our DependAbility solution to work, which combines our comprehensive Brand Safety Scorecard with software-supported human review.

Our approach goes far beyond a simple whitelist. We verify viewability, human traffic, completion quality, channel and video placement quality, and extensive keyword exclusions, all on top of Google’s brand safety measures. Our always-on approach guarantees a brand safety score of at least 99% for every campaign — 100% with DependAbility Premium — to ensure there are no surprises in your video ad campaigns.

Pixability’s Two-Tier Brand Safety Solution

DependAbility at Scale
Brand Safety

99% Brand Safety Guarantee
or your money back.

  • 99% DependAbility Brand Safety Score
  • Offered with campaigns at no additional cost    
  • Includes third-party measurement from MRC-accredited MOAT


DependAbility Premium
Brand Safety + Brand Appropriateness

100% Brand Safety Guarantee
or your money back.

  • 100% DependAbility Brand Safety Score
  • The Brand Safety Score is combined with software-supported human review to ensure maximum brand safety
  • Mutually agreed upon media plan (channels & video placements)  
  • Includes third-party measurement from MRC-accredited MOAT

“With Pixability’s comprehensive approach to brand safety, we have full trust that our luxury brand client’s video ads are running in the right digital environments. Pixability’s very specific targeting, daily brand safety management, and full transparency into campaign performance has enabled the luxury brand to continue investing on YouTube uninterrupted to drive measurable results.”

Mary Gonzalez
Digital Account Director


Pixability’s Brand Safety Score Card


MOAT Human & Viewable
Impressions delivered to humans and viewable under the MRC standard



MOAT Completion Quality
Percentage of audible and visible video completions



Pixability Brand Safety Scan
YouTube metadata (tags, titles, description) of entire placement list



Pixability Brand Safety Exclusions
3.5k negative keywords across 45 sensitive topics



Google Brand Safety Exclusions
Algorithmic detection, automatic classification, channel demonetization


What Makes Pixability’s Brand Safety Solution Different?

7.8M+ YouTube channels — that’s 9x more than other technologies — to catalog video metadata (tags, titles, descriptions)

Ranks placements against a list of twenty sensitive content categories, in seven levels of severity, that encompass more than 6,000 keywords

placements at the channel or video level using a patented whitelist algorithm, and incorporates constantly updated blacklists and negative keywords, with dynamic in-flight monitoring

Manages & Optimizes
performance against brand safety goals programmatically throughout the campaign, with software-supported human review of placements

Let’s partner to maximize your brand-safe video advertising