Clocking in at more than 1T views, the sports category is one of the largest on YouTube. That means sports on the platform is attracting nearly a Super Bowl-sized audience every single day, with more than 70M views daily. And with the Winter Olympics and Super Bowl right around the corner, sports content on YouTube is set to attract more viewers than ever.

To help advertisers take advantage of the massive scale and engaged audiences in the sports space on YouTube, Pixability’s insights team took a deep dive into the sports category. Now, we’re sharing those findings in our latest report.

In this report, you’ll find:

  • The most popular types of sports content on YouTube
  • How the sports category has evolved on the platform
  • What brands can do to best reach sports fans through YouTube advertising and organic strategies

With this report in hand, brand and agency marketers can better understand how people are watching sports on YouTube, and develop more impactful video strategies to best reach and engage these audiences. Download the report now to uncover new insights and drive impact through the sports category on YouTube.