Viewers are flocking to digital video channels for all things food and beverage, looking to view and share content around mouth watering recipes, food challenges, and more. Quick-service restaurant content is fast becoming a standout in the food and beverage space — opening up opportunities for brands to connect with consumers around their favorite foods and restaurants.

With this in mind, Pixability’s video experts turned our insights technology on the QSR space, especially on YouTube, to understand audience viewing behavior, brand performance, and influencer strategies.

Here’s a taste of what we found:

  • With viewership growing by 44% over the past two years, the QSR space is growing faster than gaming or auto content on YouTube
  • Influencers dominate the QSR space on YouTube, attracting fully 85% of views across top content
  • Brands are publishing more video on Facebook — but brand YouTube videos receive a higher viewership on average

Backed by these insights, QSR marketers can more effectively develop impactful video strategies that are proven to engage consumers. This report contains data on the top brands in the category, stand-out influencers, and comparisons of brand and influencer performance. It also includes a detailed breakdown into the influencer strategies that marketers should include in their own marketing playbooks to find success in the space.

Download the report now — and let’s connect if you’d like to meet for a walkthrough for all of Pixability’s insights on the QSR and food and beverage spaces across digital video platforms.