Digital video powerhouses are in a constant race to offer the most innovative solutions for marketers — but it can be difficult to keep up with the pace of change.

To help marketers stay on top of the latest news, we’ve compiled the updates from major video platforms that marketers need to know:

YouTube: New Bumper Machine Tool

YouTube’s new Bumper Machine tool automates the creation of 6 second Bumper ads. It allows marketers to upload long-form videos, that the solution recrafts into a short-form video asset. It’s a great fit for advertisers who want to test the effectiveness of Bumper ads without investing in additional creative — and Pixability’s video experts have found much success with Bumper ads, particularly when remarketing to consumers that have viewed a longer TrueView ad to drive ad recall.

Amazon: Deep Purchase Insights

Did you know running Connected TV ads on Amazon can offer deeper purchase level insights? If Amazon is a major retailer for you or your clients, you can get deeper insights from Amazon without having to set up pixels, including detail page views, add to cart rates, purchase rates, and new to brand purchase rates.

That’s all for now — but if you’d like to learn more about using Bumper ads effectively, or discuss deep purchase insights on Connected TV, contact us here.