Video is fast becoming the primary channel that consumers use to research and get inspired to travel — after all, nothing transports a consumer like video. They’re turning to digital video titans like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram for packing help and travel tips, as well as to experience new places, and compare travel options. Ultimately, they’re making brand decisions through video — and travel marketers must meet them on these major video domains if they’re going to reach their audiences across these major video domains.
To help travel marketers better develop their video strategies, Pixability’s expert data analysts took a look at the travel space across YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram — breaking down audience behavior and video strategies to help travel marketers understand how they can make an impact on their consumers through video.
In this report, we’ll unpack:
How consumers are tuning in for travel content on YouTube
How brands are approaching their video strategies on Facebook and Instagram
What travel marketers can do to seize audience attention across these major video domains
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