The video advertising ecosystem is in a constant state of change, and marketers need to keep up with the latest insights to make the most of their video investment.

With this in mind, our data experts took a deep dive into video trends and advertising performance across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Roku, and Amazon Video to help marketers better execute their video strategies. In our 2019 State of Digital Video Report, our analysts provide a normalized, cross-platform view into how audiences are viewing, engaging, and connecting around the video platforms they love.

Here’s a taste of what we found:

    • 15% of all YouTube impressions occur on Connected TV screens — a noticeable increase over last year’s ratio as consumers increasingly opt for streaming over cable
    • Amazon and Roku achieve their highest share of viewership between 10 AM – 12 PM, while Facebook peaks from 2–4 PM. On YouTube, audiences most often tune in from 7–9 PM, and Instagram video viewing peaks from 8–10 PM
    • Click-through rates tend to increase with age across YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, with the 65+ demographic delivering the highest click-through rate overall. Facebook delivers the most clicks overall, followed by Instagram

Download the report now to get the insights you need to accelerate your digital video strategy. And if you’d like a walkthrough of our full data on video ad performance trends, let’s connect to set up a meeting — we’d be happy to outline a clear path to digital video success.