At Pixability, we’re often asked, ‘how can I achieve scale without sacrificing the quality of my audience in my video marketing campaigns?’
To answer that question, we’ve intentionally partnered with the largest, most premium platforms in video marketing today — YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Spotify — which continue to outperform their open web counterparts in viewership and scale.
However, executing the best possible campaigns on each platform has required an individualized approach, due to complicated platform-specific nuances around targeting strategies, ad units, and measurement. Pixability’s solution empowers advertisers with a unified way to plan, buy, and report across premium video environments, and with the launch of our newest products, we’ve taken things one step further.
We put quality audiences at the forefront of our new products, PlanAbility and PlanAbility Premium. Both products enable clients to identify high-quality targeting segments at scale across multiple video platforms. With PlanAbility, clients are able to inform their video marketing strategies across a multitude of data points and targeting options (placements, keywords, topics, behaviors, affinity and purchase-based data). With PlanAbility Premium, our customers can select from 50 pre-bundled targets across more than 20 verticals, all of which are customizable, and have delivered up to 90% higher performance than native platform targeting across client KPIs.
To complement our new approach to media planning, we’ve also launched PerformAbility within our media buying product suite. PerformAbility can predict market conditions (like price levels and competitive pressure), and dynamically adapts bidding strategies accordingly, removing the complicated and time-consuming nature of manual optimization. This advancement allows campaign managers the ability to focus on strategy versus execution, and delivers 30% improved efficiency across video platforms compared to standard campaign management.
We’re excited to onboard our existing customers into our new platform, and look forward to working with new partners to overcome the challenge of achieving both scale and sophistication in video marketing.  

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