Contextual Segments and Targeting for CTV provide a pre-bid targeting solution to ensure inventory is safe, suitable, and contextually relevant for any brand

Exclude content at the IAB Tier 2 level to ensure any media not bought publisher-direct is safe and suitable for your brand

Access pre-bid transparency into where your ad could appear to ensure you’re running on the most relevant inventory


Test and learn which IAB categories or YouTube persona targeting works best for your CTV campaigns

Bringing Deeper Context to Connected TV Inventory

At Pixability we believe that the biggest challenge in CTV advertising is the lack of transparency. We deliver curated inventory with deeper context that gives advertisers more control of where their ads run.


How Pixability Powers Suitability for CTV

More Transparent Inventory

See more than just the app-level information you’re used to and target based on deeper content category data. With Pixability, you can feel more confident in your CTV buying strategy and gain peace of mind that you’re reaching your campaign targets.

A New Definition of CTV Brand Suitability

Traditional digital frameworks for suitability don’t apply to CTV, so Pixability gives advertisers a more sensible way to determine the suitability of CTV content. Tapping into our YouTube expertise, we leverage the GARM safety and suitability framework in conjunction with IAB tier 1 and 2 categories.


Focused on the Center of the Problem

The hardest place to understand context is with the ocean of mid-sized inventory bought programmatically. Pixability brings clarity to this complex center, bringing best-in-class suitability across IRIS.TV enabled CTV publishers.

Privacy-Safe Solution Built for the Future

With GDPR, CCPA, COPPA and the looming deprecation of cookies, advertisers need to plan for privacy durable advertising solutions. Pixability’s segments are 100% privacy compliant so you can reach your most engaged audiences without collecting personal data.

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