A winning CTV Strategy Starts with YouTube and Extends Across Platforms

YouTube CTV has the highest share of streaming viewership than any other streaming platform


92% of households are reachable by CTV advertising 



US adults will spend nearly 2 hours per day with CTV devices


Pixability drives 7% lift in purchase consideration on CTV for Wisconsin Cheese

“We saw that consumers continue to shift their video viewing to YouTube and Connected TV. By working with Pixability and LoopMe, we were able to reach Wisconsin Cheese’s audience on YouTube and Roku, and tie brand lift and purchase intent data back to our targeting strategies.” – Michael Orlinski, VP, Director of Search and Media

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Your One-Stop-Shop for Cross-Platform Campaign Execution and Performance 

Campaign Consolidation

Siloed buying tools and endless inventory make it hard to know where and how to reach your audiences on CTV. Our team of experts handles the hard work with unified planning, targeting, and execution across platforms. Consolidated reporting gives a single view of how your campaigns perform, so you can save time jumping between different platforms.

Cross-Platform Reach and Frequency

Hitting the sweet spot between reach and frequency is critical to driving brand recall while maximizing campaign impressions. Pixability consolidates frequency management and in-flight optimization across YouTube and CTV into one campaign to ensure you’re minimizing audience overlap to reduce ad fatigue and wasted impressions.

Audience Insights

With YouTube being the number one CTV platform, what better place to gather audience insights for future campaign planning? We leverage our extensive behavioral, contextual, and content insights to identify audience trends on YouTube to test and learn which targeting tactics drive performance across CTV platforms.  

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