Based on 4As and GARM/WFA Standards for Brand Safety and Suitability, and IAB’s Content Taxonomy

What is BrandShield?

BrandShield is the technology that powers Pixability’s brand suitability solutions for YouTube campaigns running on Google Ads, DV360 and PixabilityOne™. This proprietary technology drives the creation of inclusion and exclusion lists at both the channel and video level that can be used in self-serve or managed service campaigns.

“Brand Suitability is obviously a key concern for any major brand. I’ve been impressed with Pixability’s commitment to helping brands not only drive great performance on YouTube, but also deliver those campaigns in brand suitable environments.”

Charisse Ford SVP & Global CMO at Kellogg Company

Why Choose Pixability as your Brand Suitability Partner?

Deeper Protection For Brands Since 2012

Our brand suitability technology for YouTube was patented before anyone else knew it was a problem (2012) and we’ve run more YouTube campaigns than anyone without a single issue.

1B+ YouTube Videos Harvested

We harvest from more than a billion YouTube videos to train our machine learning to be the best.

Brand Suitability/Contextual Insights Plus Content Insights Certification

We’re the only company certified by Google for both Brand Suitability/Contextual Targeting and Content Insights for true data-driven suitability.




Service Campaigns


Inclusion Lists


Exclusion Lists

ENSURING BRAND SUITABILITY ON YOUTUBE: Best Practices For Every Stage Of A Campaign

Many advertisers still miss important steps when it comes to brand suitability on YouTube, which leads to them supporting creators that don’t align with their brand. This e-book gives every agency or brand marketer some simple best practices to ensure brand suitability on YouTube at every stage of a campaign.

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