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From the Super Bowl to the World Cup, 2018 is the Year of Sports

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Brands have a significant opportunity to join the conversation around the World Cup

Passionate sports fans are increasingly turning to YouTube to view athletic video content — with nearly 600 billion views on YouTube to date, and 53% year-over-year view growth over the past three years. Download our report to find out how to use digital video to join the conversation leading up to and throughout the World Cup, to reach passionate audiences at scale.


views to date of athletic video content on YouTube


year-over-year view growth of athletic content on YouTube over the past three years


projected views of sports content on YouTube in 2018

Thanks to 2018’s lineup of major sporting events — from the Super Bowl to Winter Olympics to World Cup — Pixability forecasts that sports content on YouTube will attract an additional 300B views in 2018.
Sports Fandom on YouTube | 2018 Sports on YouTube

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