Landmark Study of U.S. Media Agencies Predicts Majority of TV Dollars Will Shift to YouTube

82% of Agencies Saw YouTube as the Top Beneficiary of the Shift, Followed by Hulu and Roku

BOSTON, MASS – Pixability, (, the only provider of insights and software for video advertising on YouTube, YouTube on TV, Amazon Fire, and Roku, today revealed the results of its YouTube & CTV Media Agency Survey, an in-depth survey of 177 U.S. media agencies. The study polled agency executives about the shifts they’re seeing related to video advertising, Connected TV, and brand safety and suitability.

According to the survey, a significant majority of agencies identify YouTube as the top recipient of ad dollars shifting away from traditional TV. A full 82% of respondents indicated that YouTube would be a top beneficiary of this shift, followed by Hulu, Roku, and TikTok with 39%, 31%, and 31% respectively. Survey respondents believed ad categories like programmatic display and search were less likely to be top beneficiaries of the shift.

“The data from our recent media agency survey reflects a significant trend we’re seeing as agencies find ways to supplement reach and frequencies that are now hard to come by on TV. YouTube, Hulu, and Roku are now essential tools for comprehensive TV advertising strategies,” said David George, CEO of Pixability.

The shift in ad spending to CTV is also affecting the organization and structure of agency teams. Survey results indicated that most agencies currently plan CTV, YouTube, and TV advertising across a combination of separate teams, with only 37% set up to manage all of these from a single, unified team. However, 63% of agencies stated that they would manage these ad categories as a single team in the future, representing a reinvention of the previous siloed approach and a signal that investment may shift more effortlessly from traditional TV to CTV and YouTube moving forward.

Other key findings from the study:

  • 77% of agencies predict that their clients’ spending on YouTube will increase in 2021 compared to 2020, with 8% anticipating a dramatic increase.
  • 86% of agencies anticipate their clients will increase their spend on CTV in 2021, with 19% anticipating a dramatic increase.
  • Measuring outcomes was seen as the No. 1 challenge related to Connected TV advertising as many CTV platforms are delivering view data vs. business outcome tracking.
  • 66% of agencies are working with 3rd-party YouTube-managed service partners for campaign execution, pre-campaign brand suitability, or post-campaign brand safety/suitability measurement. Big 6 agencies are more likely than independent agencies to be working with 3rd parties (72% vs. 59%).

Download your copy of the 2021 YouTube & Connected TV Media Agency Survey here.

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