Pixability Announces that Leading Cultural Impact Agency Black Menswear Becomes an Official Creator Partner for the Inclusive Media Initiative

The partnership between the two companies will work to equitably rectify the pay gap for black influencers

BOSTON, MASS – Pixability, (www.pixability.com), the leader in brand suitability and contextual targeting solutions for advertisers on YouTube, today announced that Black Menswear, an award-winning cultural impact agency that connects leading brands with black creators, has become an official partner of the Inclusive Media Initiative. The Initiative, which was launched in October, gives diverse YouTube creators the power to self-identify the communities that they represent so that advertisers can, for the first time, direct their advertising investments to targeted, self-identified diverse creator channels. Black Menswear becomes the first official creator partner that is focused on specifically empowering black creators and, in turn, remedying the pay gap across different creator constituent groups.

According to recent research from MSL U.S, the racial pay gap between white and BIPOC influencers (Black, Indigenous & People of Color) is 29%, and it widens to 35% when focused specifically on the gap between white and black influencers.

“Black Menswear’s mission is to empower black influencers and to ensure they are fairly compensated, and not just in the form of discounts or product offers,” said Evan Marshall, Chief Outreach Officer at Black Menswear. “We are fully aligned with the mission of the Inclusive Media Initiative and know it will help the talented YouTube creators we work with to access the opportunities they deserve.”

Jaleesa Jaikaran, a popular YouTube beauty influencer with over 65,000 subscribers is one of the first Black Menswear clients to sign up for the Initiative. Within weeks of joining, Jaikaran received investments from major brands who wanted to support black creators. “I’m thrilled to join other creators across the world who are speaking up about who they are and what communities they’re a part of. I joined the Inclusive Media Initiative because I knew there were big brands who wanted to support our community but had no easy way to find us–and now they can. ”

Since the launch of the Initiative, Pixability has witnessed escalating demand from the advertising community to support black creators and other underrepresented communities. This Initiative helps to surface more YouTube creators of all sizes and to make it easier for big brands to notice and support them, thereby increasing their revenue potential.

“We’re passionate about enabling revenue for YouTube creators of different backgrounds who produce impactful content. We believe these creators should have the power to decide with which communities they align,’ said David George, CEO of Pixability. “We are thrilled that Black Menswear has joined our initiative so brands can better support black creators and know that their ad dollars are invested in the community they want to support.”

About Pixability

Pixability is the leading AI-driven technology company that empowers the world’s largest brands and their agencies to maximize the value of their video advertising across YouTube and CTV. Leveraging its proprietary technology platform and data, Pixability makes every video impression matter by identifying contextually relevant, brand suitable inventory and maximizing cost efficient outcomes. Pixability’s suite of solutions are used by the top media agencies including IPG, Publicis, Dentsu, Stagwell, and GroupM, as well as brands such as KIND, McDonalds, Salesforce and CVS. For more information about Pixability, please visit www.pixability.com.

About Black Menswear

BMW Digital, a Black Menswear company, is a cultural impact agency helping brands quantify the ROI of community engagement and community development. Its FlashMob movement is a traveling collective that brings Black men together, suited and booted, to create culture-shifting viral content. Additionally, as an award-winning cultural impact agency, Black Menswear has brought thousands of Black men together around the world to write their own narrative about the success and presence of the Black Man, as well as provided networking opportunities that have produced business partnerships, increased clientele for entrepreneurs, mentorship groups, and brand deals.


Alexandra Levy