Pixability Announces Two New Products To Reach Premium Audiences At Scale and Automate Optimization Across Walled Garden Video Platforms

PlanAbility and PerformAbility integrate into Pixability’s end-to-end solution to help marketers solve for the complexities of walled garden video advertising

Boston, MA — Video advertising technology company Pixability today announced two new products, PlanAbility and PerformAbility, to bolster its end-to-end video advertising solution. Pixability gives marketers the ability to intelligently plan, buy, and report on video advertising across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Spotify. This platform-agnostic approach empowers marketers to lower the walls between premium video platforms, make informed media investment decisions, and deliver superior results compared to executing campaigns in silos.

Pixability’s media planning product suite now includes PlanAbility, which enables advertisers to overcome the significant challenge of identifying similar, high-quality audience groups at scale across multiple video platforms. Pixability’s proprietary machine learning constructs relationships between audience groups, and streamlines the identification of consumers highly receptive to an advertiser’s message, so marketers can better reach their target audiences as they travel from one platform to another.

Within this new product, PlanAbility Premium addresses advertisers’ concerns around brand relevancy, with pre-bundled, customizable audience segments across more than twenty verticals, curated by Pixability’s predictive models and rich historical performance data. By addressing all unique targeting options across video platform, PlanAbility Premium audiences deliver up to 90% better performance against advertiser KPIs compared to native platform targeting.

Pixability’s media buying product suite now includes PerformAbility, an automated, real-time optimization engine, which uses machine learning to analyze performance, predict market conditions (like price levels and competitive pressure), and dynamically adapts bidding strategies. Optimizing campaigns in-flight is critical to drive performance, and especially when executing across multiple platforms, traditional manual optimization is complex, time-consuming, and error-prone. PerformAbility’s optimizations deliver 30% improved efficiency across video platforms compared to standard campaign management.

“Consumer attention and advertising dollars are disproportionately pouring into Google, Facebook, and their major video-first competitors. But that doesn’t mean advertising on these platforms has gotten any easier for marketers,” said Andreas Goeldi, Pixability Chief Technology Officer. “Pixability’s latest technology advancements were built to help simplify the complexity and maximize the effectiveness of advertising across premium video environments, so that marketers can harness video to tell their stories in a unified and meaningful way, with both precision and scale.”

In addition to the new product releases, Pixability’s holistic video advertising solution has been rebranded and includes DiscoverAbility, for deep audience insights; BuyAbility, for scalable cross-platform media buying; DependAbility, for guaranteed viewability; ReportAbility, for apples-to-apples campaign reporting; and MeasureAbility, for in-depth performance analytics.

Pixability’s data-driven approach to video advertising is independently verified by partnerships with Moat, the YouTube Measurement Program, and other third parties. Pixability’s portfolio of global media agencies and their brand clients includes Blue 449, MEC, Puma, Jaguar, and Johnston & Murphy. For more information about Pixability’s video advertising technology, visit www.pixability.klikz.us.


About Pixability
Pixability is a video advertising technology company that helps media professionals deliver outstanding campaign performance across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Spotify. Pixability’s solution empowers advertisers to activate video at every stage in the consumer journey in order to deliver impactful business results. Pixability provides sophisticated targeting, automated media execution, and verifiable viewability and placements across premium video platforms. Pixability is headquartered in Boston with offices in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and London.