Pixability Launches New Contextual Solution to Solve for Transparency and Brand Suitability on Connected TV

Expanding Upon the Company’s Offerings for YouTube, the New First-of-its-Kind Solution for CTV Will Offer Contextual Targeting and Brand Suitability Insights Across CTV Platforms

Boston, Mass. — Pixability (www.pixability.com), the only provider of software and insights for video advertising on YouTube and other leading connected TV (CTV) platforms, today announced the launch of a new contextual data solution for CTV. The new CTV offering comes at a time of exponential growth in CTV advertising but also some persistent challenges. One of the biggest challenges for advertisers is the lack of transparency regarding where their CTV ads run. Moreover there is a sense that while CTV content is generally safe, it’s difficult to gauge the suitability of content for a specific brand. This new solution from Pixability will provide more insight around the suitability and contextual relevance of CTV content so advertisers know more about where their ads run ahead of time.

“As our CTV business grew rapidly over the past few years, we increasingly heard the call from brands and agencies for more transparency for their programmatic CTV campaigns,” said David George, CEO of Pixability. “This new solution is built to solve this problem, and, even more, we believe it will help our industry better define and determine what brand suitability means for CTV content.”

The new product is fueled by video-level data from IRIS.TV and other relevant data partners. Programming content is analyzed frame-by-frame by machine learning technology and each video offering is then categorized according to IAB Tier 1 and 2 categories as well as by GARM’s safety and suitability framework. This level of content transparency and insight helps advertisers better plan where their ads run — helping them to avoid horror movies or streaming content with heavy drug use or sexual content, for example, based on their own suitability parameters.

“Whilst CTV content is generally of high production value, and mostly assumed to be brand safe in the eyes of advertisers, we know that certain kinds of CTV content is considered unsuitable for certain brands,” said John Montgomery, a leading industry trust and brand safety expert. “This new solution from Pixability should help the industry evolve the way we think about suitability on CTV, while also giving advertisers more control and choice.”

“Too many agencies and brands buy CTV as a generic currency, assuming the AI is “right” and that following the audience is the only goal. It is not. The quality of the viewing context and the emotional connection audiences have with specific content should always be the north star,” said Will Phipps, SVP Media Lead at Allen & Gerritsen. “Pixability has been at the forefront of using humanity in addition to AI to determine the right context for ads and we’re excited about the potential for this solution to help our clients now maximize impressions on the right kind of CTV content for their brands too.”

“Brand suitability on CTV is becoming an increasingly important topic for our industry and for our GARM members, specifically our media agency and advertiser partners,” said Rob Rakowitz, Initiative Lead for the Global Alliance for Responsible Media. “Solutions like Pixability’s new CTV offering have the potential to move the conversation forward about how we define suitability in this growing space. Having Pixability help scale the GARM framework to this quickly evolving area is a great contribution in our shared journey.”

“We’ve leveraged Pixability’s technology for years to drive success for advertisers on YouTube and CTV. This new solution for CTV is super exciting,” said Kalyn Asher, CEO, Avalanche Media Group. “We were one of the agencies that was invited to give early feedback and help shape the solution and we’re now using it for great clients like Pilgrim’s.”

About Pixability

Pixability is a technology and data company that empowers the world’s largest brands and their agencies to maximize the value of video advertising on YouTube, YouTube CTV, Amazon Fire, Roku and Hulu. The company’s industry-leading optimization and insights solutions are independently verified by the YouTube Measurement Program, DoubleVerify, Oracle Data Cloud’s Moat Measurement, Integral Ad Science and other third parties. Pixability’s suite of solutions are used by the top media agencies and brands including Dentsu-Aegis, Havas, Interpublic Group, Omnicom, Publicis, and GroupM, as well as Swatch, Bose, KIND, Hilton, Jack in the Box, and Puma. For more information about Pixability, please visit www.pixability.com.


Alexandra Levy