Quad/Graphics Invests In Pixability To Tackle Online Video Market

Integration of Content Marketing and Advertising Platform Creates Complete Video Marketing Solution for Major Brands and E-Commerce Companies

Sussex, WI and Cambridge, MA —May 1, 2013—Quad/Graphics, Inc. (NYSE: QUAD), a leading global printer and media channel integrator, has purchased a minority interest in Pixability, a YouTube-certified marketing and advertising company that works with brands, e-commerce firms and agencies to improve video marketing results. Leading brand marketers and publishers will have access to a powerful solution that allows them to easily and effectively incorporate online video with any of their marketing channels to engage prospects and customers — from awareness to action through to customer support.

“Online video is the fastest growing marketing channel in the world today, and Pixability’s proven approach to YouTube marketing and advertising fits well with our media solutions video offering, which includes strategy, concepting, creating, producing and delivering online video for leading brands,” said Joel Quadracci, Quad/Graphics Chairman, President & CEO. “Like Quad/Graphics, Pixability understands the importance of getting the right message in front of the right audience to trigger the right action. Together, we offer a robust, single-source solution that creates, optimizes and connects content across multiple channels in a way that provides the greatest return on marketing spend.”

The investment further strengthens Quad/Graphics’ integrated solutions for multichannel marketers and publishers by adding strategic expertise for a rapidly growing and effective media channel. With the funding, Pixability will continue to expand its proven, cloud-based video analytics and YouTube marketing software platform.

According to Bettina Hein, Founder and CEO of Pixability, the online video market is booming, doubling year over year and making YouTube one of the world’s most important media channels. “Pixability works with many of the top brands as they shift toward YouTube and online video for brand awareness and business growth,” she said. “Quad/Graphics’ world-class clients, multichannel marketing expertise, and scalable video production capabilities have proved to be both strategic and effective. Pixability adds the critical video marketing and advertising dimension to Quad’s expansive media solutions video offering.”

Pixability makes online videos highly effective for marketers and advertisers in two key ways:

Increasing brand awareness through YouTube and online video by working with clients on video content strategy, channel architecture, video messaging, relevant views, subscriber growth, web and mobile video strategies, and community identification and engagement.

Driving business both in-store and via e-commerce by precisely identifying and reaching audiences with compelling video content and messaging that is more likely to guide a commerce decision.

Pixability combines its cloud-based video marketing and advertising platform with its team of YouTube-certified experts to offer:

YouTube content marketing such as video content strategy, channel architecture, video search optimization, and social media engagement. Pixability provides content strategy, establishes measurable metrics, and ensures that the content performs.

YouTube advertising using hyper-targeting technology to identify and engage prospects who are more likely to become customers. Pixability reaches qualified audiences with a targeted message and relevant call-to-action.

“Pixability and Quad/Graphics share a passion for advancing the effectiveness of marketing and communications in a multichannel world,” Quadracci said. “Pixability’s offering supplements and strengthens Quad/Graphics’ ability to launch video from the printed page using our industry-leading interactive print solutions to increase consumer engagement with our clients’ video assets.”


Said Hein: “We are excited to be partnering with a world-class media channel integrator like Quad/Graphics. The investment and partnership represent a fundamental and critical movement in the future of advertising and customer engagement. With Quad/Graphics, we are not far from the vision of one video per product SKU. Why? Because video is becoming a critical part of the commerce equation.”

Progress Partners represented Pixability in the transaction.

For more information, including a video featuring Joel Quadracci and Bettina Hein on what this investment means for marketers and publishers, visit http://pixvid.me/PixPR.

About Quad/Graphics

Quad/Graphics (NYSE: QUAD), a leading global printer and media channel integrator, is redefining print in today’s multichannel media world by helping marketers and publishers capitalize on print’s ability to complement and connect with other media channels. With consultative ideas, worldwide capabilities, leading-edge technology and single-source simplicity, Quad/Graphics has the resources and knowledge to help its clients maximize the revenue they derive from their marketing spend through channel integration, and minimize their total cost of production and distribution through a fully integrated national distribution network. The Company provides a diverse range of print solutions, media solutions and logistics services from multiple locations throughout North America, Latin America and Europe.

About Pixability

Pixability is a YouTube-certified marketing and advertising company that works with brands, e-commerce firms, agencies, and innovative organizations to drive business and awareness with online video and YouTube. Using its powerful, proprietary, cloud-based video marketing software and online video and community analytics databases, Pixability’s certified and seasoned team of YouTube professionals has worked with more than 500 customers, 10,000 YouTube channels, and 2.5 million business and brand videos. Pixability’s complimentary Online Video Grader (www.onlinevideograder.com) provides any organization with immediate metrics and analysis of YouTube, web video, video search, and social video effectiveness. For more information, please visit www.pixability.klikz.us.

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