Boston, Mass. — Pixability, the leading provider of software and insights for video advertising on YouTube and Connected TV (CTV), today announced record revenue for 2020 and the most profitable year in the company’s 11-year history, following the conclusion of a paradigm-shifting year for advertising and the way video is consumed. Pixability’s record-setting year was spurred on by consumers around the world spending more time consuming video content on platforms like YouTube and through Connected TV devices like Roku and Amazon Fire. In turn, video advertisers ramped up spending on digital video, leading Pixability to benefit from this acceleration and to post sizable growth during the second half of the year.

Pixability’s record performance wasn’t just the result of changing consumer behavior during the pandemic; the company also recorded its best first quarter numbers in history, before the onset of work from home and social distancing. The Pixability team spent two weeks in its new downtown Boston headquarters before employees transitioned to fully remote work. Despite this change in operations, the company worked seamlessly to help advertisers address the changing environment and enhanced sensitivities, helping some to pause second quarter spending in the immediate aftermath of the pandemic and then to resume again in Q3 and Q4.

“During 2020, we had significant growth and healthy business metrics due to our product innovations and the exponential growth of advertising on YouTube, YouTube on TV, Amazon Fire, and Roku”, said David George, CEO of Pixability. “As we head into 2021, we are focused on further scaling our business organically, taking advantage of beneficial marketplace trends, expansion into new markets and the launch of new partnerships.”

Other 2020 company highlights included:

  • Launch of the self-service version of BrandShield, a patented brand suitability solution for YouTube, that has driven an influx of new customers
  • Named as only YouTube Partner certified for Brand Suitability, Contextual Targeting and Content Insights
  • Partnerships with creative partners including VidMob and Innovid, making it easier to deploy the right video creatives at scale on YouTube
  • Over 50 new global brands signed on to take advantage of Pixability’s unique combination of brand suitability and optimized performance

Advertisers like Jack in the Box, in partnership with their agency Carat, also leveraged Pixability’s technology to drive real business outcomes, including increased store visits and lowered cost per store visit. After Jack in the Box’s Pixability-fueled campaign, the fast food chain saw a 22% higher rate of store visits than previous benchmarks.

“Pixability is one of the most exciting companies to watch right now given their position at the intersection of YouTube and Connected TV,” said Mike Baker, industry investor and former CEO and co-founder of DataXu. “Their ability to drive performance and brand suitability on these platforms using deep data and machine learning will continue to set them apart as a crucial partner for advertisers in 2021.”