Agency and Brand Demand For Unified Buying On YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Drives Technological Innovation

Boston, MA — Pixability, the premium video advertising technology company, today announced Pixability v4, the media industry’s most advanced video ad buying solution for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Consumers overwhelmingly turn to walled gardens to watch video, yet advertisers remain ill-equipped to activate advertising’s power within them. Combining these premium video platforms provides advertisers the reach of television while overcoming the limitations of open web video, but with disparate ad formats and metrics within each platform, executing media campaigns across them remains a significant challenge.

Pixability’s data-driven approach makes video ad campaign management simple and effective, and unlocks the potential of unified, KPI-driven video advertising. Pixability v4 delivers precise audience and placement targeting, ensures viewability and brand safety, and provides clear, actionable campaign measurement. With Pixability v4, advertisers will have access to the industry’s first set of normalized video ad metrics that account for each premium video platform’s distinct specifications, reducing complexity and enabling greater levels of accuracy and insight. Agency media professionals and brand advertisers can now seamlessly plan, optimize, and measure multiple video ad campaigns through a single application, available as a managed or self service.

Pixability v4 advances the company’s track record of data science-driven video ad tech innovation. The solution extends Pixability’s proven YouTube advertising solution to new premium video platforms, and holistically optimizes video ad campaigns based on an advertiser’s unique business objectives.

Pixability’s customer portfolio of global media agencies and their brand clients includes MEC, Carat, Reebok, iProspect, Blue Chip Worldwide, ZenithOptimedia, Gucci, L’Oreal, and PUMA.

“Approaching premium video platforms holistically, rather than in silos, is an incredibly powerful weapon for brand marketers. Activating the unique capabilities of each walled garden in aggregate will change video advertising as we know it,” said Bettina Hein, Founder and CEO of Pixability. “Pixability v4 unlocks that potential. Our platform-agnostic solution enables advertisers to make the most informed decision about how to spend their video ad dollars to yield maximum results.”

“When planning our video ad campaigns, we need to ensure that we’re reaching the right consumers, on their platforms of choice, with content that incites them to engage with our brand. With a growing array of video platforms, and distinct ad capabilities and formats on each, it’s a complex problem to solve. Pixability’s standardized metrics have armed Reebok with the data we need to understand how our ad dollars should be spent across platforms based on specific campaign goals,” said Jessica Ruscito, Director of US Media and Digital Branding at Reebok.

Pixability v4 enables agency media professionals and the brands they serve to:

  • Execute holistic ad campaigns across premium video platforms. Pixability v4 enables advanced video ad buying on each individual premium video platform (or in any combination), revolutionizing the current approach of managing each in a silo. Pixability v4 activates proven YouTube TrueView optimization, and applies proprietary targeting and optimization technology to video ad buying on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Pixability’s pre-configured workflows save time, with 3X faster campaign set-up compared to standard in-platform campaign planning tools; advanced campaign management functionality makes setting up concurrent campaigns with multiple assets and audience targets seamless; and normalized metrics across video platforms make relative performance clear.
  • Target granularly to minimize risk and optimize performance. Accurate targeting is predicated on a clear understanding of the content being produced and consumed on a given platform. Pixability’s cross-platform analytics and insights enable advertisers to ensure campaign success before a single ad is placed. Sophisticated audience and placement targeting using Pixability’s Ad Recommendation Engine, Custom Audience targeting, and proprietary algorithms achieves a level of specificity that is impossible to execute manually. Pixability v4 minimizes risk with predictable outcomes driven by Pixability’s unparalleled database of vertical-specific, seasonal, and campaign data, and third party viewability provider integration. Multivariate testing and KPI-driven dynamic optimization allow advertisers to reallocate budgets mid-campaign to maximize return on investment. Pixability campaigns achieve 48 percent lower cost per completed view, 47 percent lower cost per engagement, and 28 percent lower cost for in-demographic views compared to industry benchmarks.
  • Measure accurately across walled gardens to gain actionable insights. Pixability v4 enables advertisers to clearly assess, and accurately compare, campaign performance across premium video platforms in a single dashboard. Advertisers can evaluate results against brand-defined benchmarks or Pixability’s proprietary industry benchmarks; perform competitive analysis; and easily access and download customized, transparent reports.

“Our brand clients expect the Blue Chip media team to not only deliver ROI on a campaign level, but to ensure their video dollars are being maximized. It’s critical that we stay on top of the lightning speed of change within the video ad landscape, and Pixability has brought a depth of video expertise to our team that has proved immensely valuable,” said Elizabeth Bleser, Director Digital Strategy at Blue Chip Worldwide Marketing. “Pixability holistically approaches each of our client’s businesses from a brand and consumer perspective, and enables us to make the most informed decisions around video ad planning and execution across platforms.”

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About Pixability

Pixability is a video advertising technology company that helps media professionals deliver outstanding campaign performance across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Pixability’s solution empowers advertisers to activate video at every stage in the consumer journey in order to deliver impactful business results. Pixability provides sophisticated targeting, automated media execution, and verifiable viewability and placements across premium video platforms. Pixability is headquartered in Boston with offices in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and London.

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