Desire for comprehensive resource high as demand for measurable online video strategy grows

Boston, MA Pixability, a video ad buying and marketing technology company, today announced the availability of “YouTube Channels for Dummies,” co-authored by Pixability CMO Rob Ciampa and VP Professional Services Theresa Moore, and part of the bestselling reference series, For Dummies, published by Wiley. The release of the book coincides with an inflection point in the online video market, as marketers increasingly shift media budgets to online video.

“From established global brands to young independent creators, YouTube offers an enormous opportunity to share stories through video, create a community, and even build a business,” said Jim Habig, YouTube Marketing Manager.

“YouTube Channels for Dummies” is divided into sections that encompass all elements needed to build a successful YouTube strategy:

  • Making a Home on YouTube. Everything you need to know to get started on YouTube and build your channel.
  • Making Good Videos. Insight into what makes a good video, effective channel planning, and the tools needed to capture, edit and upload your video.
  • Growing and Knowing Your Audience. How to build your audience, understand YouTube analytics, monetize your content, and leverage Multi-Channel Networks.
  • YouTube Channels Are Serious Business. How and why businesses use YouTube, and how to acquire and activate an audience for your brand.

“With extensive experience in the online video business – both personally and at Pixability – this book builds upon a foundation of deep video marketing expertise, insight into brand and consumer trends in online video, and experience helping global brands leverage YouTube as a revenue generator,” said Rob Ciampa, co-author and CMO at Pixability. “The book covers everything an individual, an MCN, brand or agency needs to know to build a measurable YouTube strategy.”

“From channel creation to audience discovery, advertising, monetization and analytics, we left no stone unturned,” said Theresa Moore, co-author and VP Professional Services at Pixability. “We distilled years of professional experience on YouTube into a comprehensive resource that addresses every element required to build a business on YouTube.”

“YouTube Channels for Dummies” is available for purchase online on Amazon and from all major booksellers in both print and e-book formats. Wiley’s “Video Marketing for Dummies” was also co-authored by Pixability executives – CEO Bettina Hein and CTO Andreas Goeldi — and reached #2 on Amazon’s Web Marketing List in 2012.

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