Advertising on YouTube isn’t always simple science. If you’re not thoughtfully targeting your audience, you could actually end up inspiring a negative reaction to your brand. Take this recent example we discovered:
You obviously wouldn’t advertise an adult-only product during children’s programming, and YouTube hasn’t changed this. Unfortunately, we see these kind of mistakes on a regular basis. The fact is, many advertisers and agencies still take the “throw money at the wall and see what sticks” approach to YouTube, assuming an all-encompassing, multi-million dollar advertising campaign across the entire YouTube landscape will achieve the best results they can manage. What we know at Pixability is that a carefully-planned, hyper-targeted strategy is not only cheaper than a standard YouTube Ad campaign, but will outperform a non-targeted campaign every time. And even though we use our software to algorithmically identify promotional opportunities within millions of YouTube channels, even some low-level targeting is better than none at all. So next time you’re setting up a YouTube ad campaign for your organization or clients, be sure you get seen by the right audience.