We’re excited to kick off “Meet the Pixers,” our new blog series where we will introduce you to the talented folks who make our company a success.

Tell us a little bit about your background:

Data Engineer at Pixability is my first full-time job in the USA. Before I started at Pix, I was pursuing my masters in Information Systems with Business Analytics as my concentration at California State University Fullerton. I was working as a Business Analyst for a startup company in India before I came down to the USA to pursue my masters in 2019.   

What is the last thing you watched on YouTube?

I randomly watch stuff on YouTube. Recently I was watching LA’s Finest – a comedy action crime patrol series on Netflix. This series mainly revolves around drug mafia, crime investigation and drama. So, I started watching some real bodycam/dashcam videos and police chase videos on YouTube. And also last thing I watched on YouTube was Elon Musk buying Twitter news.  

What is the first thing you think of when you hear “CTV”?

For a technical person like me, it’s just a TV connected to the internet. In this era, CTV is making our lives easier in accessing on-demand tailored content on our TV screens. It gives viewers more flexibility and control over what to watch and when to watch. There definitely is a good future for advertisers in this space. 

What is your favorite thing about working at Pixability?

People, life-work balance, liberty to take risk, culture, I can go on and on! I love working at Pix because of its people and culture. People here really care about you. I am a person who loves to take risks in experimenting things out to decide what works best for the company. So, my team at Pix always supports and encourages me to take risks. That gave us some wonderful results at the end. I love working at Pix because, I get a 360 degree view on what I am working on. At Pix, we use the modern trending technology stack in all our product development and management. That motivates me to work on creating PoCs for new technologies that will best work for our company and customers. 

What advice would you give to someone starting out in their career?

Never fear to fail. That’s how we learn. Take that extra mile to get more than what is expected from you. Never hesitate to get feedback and trying out new things. There is always something to learn from everyone. We’ve got two ears and one mouth so, try to listen more. Keep your eyes open and stay grounded. Most importantly have fun. All the best!