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Pixability’s deep video expertise, rich performance and audience insights, superior targeting and optimization technology, and platform-agnostic approach delivers the most effective video advertising campaigns on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Spotify.

media more intelligently
with DiscoverAbility & PlanAbility

media more efficiently
with BuyAbility, PerformAbility & DependAbility

on performance holistically
with ReportAbility & MeasureAbility

DiscoverAbility & PlanAbility

DiscoverAbility scans and analyzes 6M+ YouTube channels and hundreds of millions of videos across premium video platforms, and scores premium channels and influencers according to your campaign goals. Pixability unlocks strategic insights, from target audience preferences and behavior patterns, to brand share of voice, and intelligence on competitors’ content strategy and media spend to guide your video strategy.

PlanAbility constructs relationships between audiences across premium video platforms, finding the largest set of highly receptive consumers for your campaign. PlanAbility Premium offers advertisers pre-bundled, customizable audience segments across 20+ verticals, curated by Pixability’s predictive models and rich historical performance data. Pixability harnesses the full power of each platform to drive 90% better performance compared to native targeting.

BuyAbility, PerformAbility & DependAbility

BuyAbility solves for the complexities of media activation on each video platform, with a user-friendly interface, pre-built workflows for even the most sophisticated media plans, complex multivariate campaign setups, and aggressive multivariate testing to guarantee maximum performance against your campaign goals.

PerformAbility achieves optimal performance across premium video platforms with an automated, real-time bid and budget adjustment engine powered by machine learning technology. It automatically paces campaigns accurately and improves performance against any mix of KPIs.

DependAbility guarantees 100% viewability, independently measured by MOAT and Integral Ad Science.

ReportAbility & MeasureAbility

ReportAbility simplifies cross-platform video campaign analysis within a single interface, with normalized video metrics to make cross-platform performance and cost analysis clear. All data is easily exportable and can be integrated with existing dashboard solutions.

MeasureAbility provides in-depth, holistic campaign reporting and analytics, across any dimension that matters to you.

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