Making An Impact Across Video Platforms For PUMA

“Pixability’s technology and expertise are critical to PUMA’s approach to video across YouTube — through Pixability, PUMA is able to find the right audience across these complex platforms, and drive reach and engagement through an efficient, optimized strategy.”

Hermann Hassenstein,

Head of Marketing Planning, Global Marketing


Footwear and Apparel


Facebook, Instagram, YouTube



The Challenge

PUMA has been changing the footwear and apparel game since 1948, and the brand has worked in recent years to partner with major influencers like Cara Delevingne and Usain Bolt to continue standing out on shelves.

As modern audiences move away from legacy marketing channels to digital video powerhouses like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, PUMA knew it had to upend the traditional marketing playbook to continue driving an impact among its customers. The brand sought a technology partner that could drive both paid and organic performance and drive a united strategy across YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

The Strategy

PUMA found that partner in Pixability.

Since 2014, Pixability has driven PUMA’s organic strategy on YouTube, and extended its impact through targeted paid video advertising campaigns across YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Powered by Pixability’s campaign management technology — enabling complex cross-platform campaign builds, nano-audience targeting, and in-flight optimizations — and expert channel management, Pixability helped PUMA drive an efficient video strategy, and make an impact on its audiences through paid media support.

The Result

Throughout Pixability and PUMA’s partnership, Pixability drove a dramatic increase in organic and paid performance on YouTube, driving subscriber growth by 2.4X and search performance by 2.3X over benchmarks.

In addition, Pixability’s direct marketing campaigns across Facebook and Instagram delivered a 144% ROAS for PUMA, indicating that Pixability was maximizing efficiency and impact for PUMA’s video ad strategy.


ROAS on Facebook and Instagram


higher subscriber growth than benchmarks on YouTube

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