1. Pixability will never allow the usage of your channel self-identification data to be used for negative targeting or exclusions of any kind on YouTube advertising. Your channel self-identification data will only be used for channel inclusion targeting on media campaigns on Dv360 and Google Ads.

  2. Pixability will never share your detailed channel self-identification data with any company outside of the creator service firm that you work with that connected you to our program. We will instead include your channel name/url in lists of popular channels that self-identify as being part of the same creator communities.

  3. To opt out of the program, your channel will be removed from the list immediately and an updated list will be provided to all advertisers in the program within 2 business days. Advertisers will be asked to replace the previous list with the new list without the opted out channel URLs. This is an honor system, Pixability does not have access to advertisers accounts and can only request the list be exchanged as soon as possible.

Pixability’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.