The Mobile Video Report: Here’s how Facebook and Snapchat are shaping the future of mobile online video
Short-form mobile video content is capturing billions of views every day. As consumers diversify their video intake through a variety of platforms, this new report from Business Insider demonstrates that a cross-platform video advertising strategy has never been more important.
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New Features Make Lead Ads Even More Effective
Facebook released two new features for its lead ads, which are designed to for email acquisition campaigns. Now, lead ads are available with context cards and in the immersive carousel format, and can be purchased for desktop as well as mobile delivery. A diverse set of brands have experienced success with lead ads since they first launched in October, including Mazda, the Skimm, and Peloton.

How YouTube Extends the Reach and Engagement of Your Video Advertising
Insights from Google explain how advertisers can better reach the millennial audience — without spending more money — through a combination of YouTube and television spend. 18% of the total U.S. population has never signed up for cable, according to a recent Forrester study. By shifting budgets to premium digital video, advertisers can build awareness and engage this hard-to-reach millennial segment.
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Between new platforms and expanding capabilities, the media world is constantly changing. By taking full advantage of the many ad types and platforms available, the savvy advertiser can succeed with an optimized cross-platform strategy.
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