Driving Purchase Intent For Wisconsin Cheese Across Connected TV

We needed to make a big impact for Wisconsin Cheese, and saw that consumers continue to shift their video viewing to YouTube and Connected TV. By working with Pixability and LoopMe, we were able to reach Wisconsin Cheese’s audience on YouTube and Roku, and tie brand lift and purchase intent data back to our targeting strategies to get a complete picture of how Wisconsin Cheese was making an impact on its core audience across Wisconsin and the country.

Michael Orlinski,

VP, Director of Search and Media




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Purchase Intent

The Challenge

Wisconsin’s dairy farmers are working hard to feed the world, so the non-profit organization Wisconsin Cheese and its agency, Overdrive Interactive, work to drive awareness and develop markets for their delicious products.

The team wanted to engage its wine and cheese enthusiast audiences through the largest screen in the house with a national campaign, and make an impact in their home state of Wisconsin to build awareness of the importance of the dairy industry. However, optimizing TV campaigns for efficiency and impact has traditionally proved a challenge, and optimizing in-flight is next to impossible. But Wisconsin Cheese and Overdrive Interactive saw that by combining innovative new technology — YouTube, Roku’s Connected TV platform, Pixability’s PixabilityONE video ad optimization platform, and LoopMe’s PurchaseLoop platform — they could tie back purchase intent and engagement data directly to YouTube and Roku audiences, helping them make more educated campaign decisions and maximize impact.

The Strategy

The team worked to synthesize a targeting strategy to reach Wisconsin Cheese’s audience of wine and cheese enthusiasts through YouTube and Roku, both within Wisconsin and across the United States.

The PixabilityONE platform helped the team understand which creatives and personas drove the highest view-to-completion rate on YouTube, and executed more than 18K in-flight optimizations to power performance on the platform. The team also used the PurchaseLoop platform to survey consumers that saw the ad on Roku devices, and measure how the campaign was most positively impacting purchase intent among its core audience.

The Result

Backed by PurchaseLoop and PixabilityONE, the team was able to tell Wisconsin Cheese’s story to both a local and national audience, driving brand awareness at scale. Most impressively, the team was able to activate YouTube and Roku, and engage Connected TV viewers through in-flight creative and targeting optimizations and real-time purchase intent data.

The YouTube segment of the campaign achieved a dramatic 13% higher view-to-completion rate than benchmarks, and drove a 3.72% lift in ad recall as measured by a Google Brand Lift study. The Roku segment of the campaign delivered an overall national video completion of 96%, while the state-level campaign delivered a 99.75% completion rate. The PurchaseLoop study of 2K consumers that saw the ad on Roku devices highlighted that the Wisconsin campaign drove an impressive 7.13% lift in purchase intent, while the national campaign segment drove about a 5% lift in purchase intent. Wisconsin Cheese, Overdrive Interactive, LoopMe, and Pixability continue to work together to tell the story and raise awareness of Wisconsin Cheese at the national and local level through fully optimized Connected TV advertising.


lift in purchase intent on Roku


lift in ad recall on YouTube

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