New technology combines artificial intelligence with human verification to deliver scalable brand safety, viewability in collaboration with Moat, and brand appropriateness to ensure the contextual relevance of video advertising

Boston, MA — Premium video advertising software company Pixability today announced its new brand safety technology which guarantees 100% of advertiser spend goes to brand-safe placements — and accounts for the campaign-specific evaluation of brand appropriateness — on YouTube. Pixability’s brand safety technology is integrated into its holistic video advertising suite, which unifies campaign planning, buying, and measurement across premium video platforms in a single interface.

Pixability offers advertisers a two-tiered solution: DependAbility Premium, which combines proprietary technology, third-party verification, and human review to ensure every campaign delivers only contextually-appropriate results; and DependAbility At Scale, a solution for brand safety and viewability, without the customized evaluation of brand appropriateness. Advertisers are entitled to a refund on any views served on non-brand-safe inventory.

“With Pixability’s comprehensive approach to brand safety, we have full trust that our luxury brand client’s video ads are running in the right digital environments,” said Mary Gonzalez, Digital Account Director at Mindshare. “Pixability’s very specific targeting, daily brand safety management, and full transparency into campaign performance has enabled the luxury brand to continue investing on YouTube uninterrupted to drive measurable results.”

Pixability’s unique solution uses a 5-point scorecard to comprehensively measure and quantify brand safety, which is customizable per campaign. The scorecard includes third-party measurement of viewability, non-human traffic, and video completion quality via Moat, and measurement of the entire campaign placement list via Pixability’s proprietary artificial intelligence technology. These are layered on top of Google’s always-on brand safety measures. Pixability’s solution not only measures and quantifies brand safety, but proactively ensures and optimizes it throughout a campaign. DependAbility Premium campaigns are guaranteed to achieve a brand safety score of 100%.

“A smart approach to brand safety considers contextual relevance along with viewability, attention metrics, and invalid traffic to determine overall advertising quality,” said Jonah Goodhart, SVP of Oracle Data Cloud and Co-Founder of Moat. “To be effective in addressing this issue, marketers, platforms, and tech partners need to work together, and we’re pleased that Pixability has decided to include Moat metrics in its brand safety score as part of its collaborative efforts.”

DependAbility Premium uses advertiser-specific filters to isolate the ideal contextual environment for a brand’s video ads, without sacrificing campaign performance or scale — including up to a 600% return on ad spend. To achieve this, the technology:

  • Scans 7.8M+ YouTube channels (9x more than other technologies) to catalog metadata (tags, titles, descriptions)
  • Ranks placements against a list of twenty sensitive content categories, in seven levels of severity, that encompass more than 6,000 keywords
  • Filters placements at the channel or video level using a patented whitelist algorithm, and incorporates constantly updated blacklists and negative keywords, with dynamic in-flight monitoring
  • Manages and optimizes performance against brand safety goals programmatically throughout the campaign, with software-supported human review of placements

“The brand safety conversation has evolved significantly over the last few months, as advertisers wake up to just how individualized their approach to the issue needs to be,” said Bettina Hein, Pixability Founder and CEO. “Pixability’s solution has accounted for brand safety since 2013, and this shift in the industry has driven our new technology offering. We’re confident that our two-tiered solution will give advertisers the flexibility they need and the peace of mind they deserve, knowing their video ads appear only in contextually-appropriate environments, according to their own definition of brand-safe.”

Pixability’s data-driven approach to video advertising is independently verified by the YouTube Measurement Program, the Facebook Marketing Partner Program, Moat, and other third parties. Pixability’s portfolio of global media agencies and their brand clients includes Dentsu-Aegis, Havas, Interpublic Group, Omnicom, Publicis, and WPP, as well as Johnston & Murphy, L’OrĂ©al, and Puma. For more information about Pixability’s brand safety solution, and to schedule a demo, visit


About Pixability

Pixability is a video advertising software company that helps media professionals deliver outstanding campaign performance across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Spotify. Pixability’s self service software solution empowers advertisers to activate video at every stage in the consumer journey in order to deliver impactful business results. Pixability provides sophisticated targeting, automated media execution, and verifiable viewability and placements across premium video platforms. Pixability is headquartered in Boston with offices in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and London.