Last week, our team members were thrilled to attend CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2023 in Las Vegas. It was the first in-person CES in three years! It was great to connect with clients, partners, and industry colleagues at the biggest event of the year to showcase the latest in technology, with a focus on the trends and initiatives in the Advertising tech industry.

As we come back from the event, here are a few of the key themes that we will take with us into the new year:

Brand Safety and Brand Suitability are a big focus for agencies and brands:

  • Going into this year, the technology ecosystem recognizes that brand safety and brand suitability are an absolute need. These days, blanket content and category blocking are not good enough. There is a need to educate the marketplace that there are better solutions available to provide brand safety and brand suitability if they don’t know so already. A major goal is to gain the trust of brands and agencies that they will be reaching the correct audiences across the right content.

Pre and Post Level Transparency in where ads are running:

  • It is a necessity to be able to provide absolute transparency about where an ad is running – before it starts, during the course of its life, and after it ends. This has evolved on YouTube, but also needs to be a must for all CTV as well.

Willingness to collaborate in order to expand value for agencies and brands:

  • CES emphasized the need for a willingness to collaborate in order to expand value for agencies and brands. The event allows friends, colleagues, customers, partners, etc. to gather in one place at the beginning of the year and discuss these key trends, allowing everyone to put action items in place to kickstart the year – with the same goal of helping agencies and brands.

Learn more about CES here – and we hope to see you again next year!