To connect with consumers today, you must create authentic and genuine content. And this means working with creators.  The creator economy has grown nearly 120% in the last two years, which is great news for brands as this authentic content attracts views and engagement and drives sales. We expect creator and influencer marketing to grow even quicker as the 2023 Writers Guild of America strike continues. With new episodes of traditional linear TV put on pause, more and more consumers will shift to streaming services and user-generated video platforms, further increasing the importance of influencer marketing. 

As influencer marketing becomes increasingly in demand, the price of working with a content creator continues to rise, and there is an ongoing battle across video platforms to win creators’ content. YouTube is the top platform for US adults to follow influencers, according to March 2023 CivicScience data, and the platform has made several updates to its YouTube Partner Program, which will continue to win over influencers. 

Recent updates include expanding the affiliate program to all creators, allowing creators to monetize from product tagging. Additionally, YouTube lowered requirements for creators to monetize their content as part of the YouTube Partner Program. Now, eligible channels must have 500 subscribers (down from 1,000), 3,000 viewing hours in the last year (down from 4,000), and three valid uploads in the previous 90 days. 

With these changes, we expect to see an increase in YouTube content and, in turn, an increase in advertising benefits for brands, as more content gives brands greater choice and opportunity to reach consumers. However, this increase in monetizable content, coupled with the new YouTube Partner Program requirements, will also make it harder than ever to monitor pre-bid YouTube inventory without the help of AI and algorithms. With this change, it’s now imperative that brands work with certified third parties to ensure they’re supporting creators and content deemed suitable for their brand.

Tapping into tech to keep your brand safe

Enter: Pixability. At Pixability, our AI-driven brand suitability technology combines data from thousands of campaigns and hundreds of millions of YouTube videos and channels to ensure you’re executing brand suitable campaigns while still driving performance at scale. As a result, we make it easier than ever to curate and access the YouTube inventory that meets your specific brand suitability needs. 

  • Advanced AI-driven models: ChatGPT drives 100X scale in our training data to deliver more precise Machine Learning scoring.
  • Machine learning scoring: Pixability uses a vast scoring set including number of subscribers (we filter for 15K subscribers and above!), channel language prediction, IAB content classification, past performance metrics, and more.
  • Performance-based filtering for size and quality: We filter for the frequency of publishing and engagement metrics that make the most sense for your brand. 
  • Brand suitability scoring: We exclude any unsuitable content based on the GARM framework to ensure all inventory remains safe and suitable. 

Want to ensure your YouTube campaigns stay suitable in this new creator economy? Reach out to Pixability today!