We’re back with another episode of our Ad Legends video series, and this time we’re thrilled to be joined by the SVP and Global CMO of Kellogg’s, and good friend of Pixability, Charisse Hughes. In this episode, we discuss reaching consumers through YouTube, and marketing with a purpose.

Knowing how important traditional TV advertising has always been for Kellogg’s, it was great to hear how the company and its brands are leveraging YouTube and Connected TV advertising to extend their reach. Charisse made it clear that they will always go to where their audience is spending time, and that is increasingly going to be these digital video formats. Charisse also shared a success story around a specific YouTube campaign that leveraged deep data.

I was even more excited to talk with Charisse about purpose-driven marketing. It’s hard as a marketer to find the right balance between marketing your products directly vs. creating content that expresses the values your company believes in. I loved Kellogg’s vision of a better world — where people are not just fed but fulfilled — and how the brand uses YouTube to reach consumers and advocates around that mission.

We’ve also been getting to know our Ad Legends’ animal companions that helped get them through the pandemic — and while Charisse’s children’s box turtle had a prior engagement (napping), Tony the Tiger was able to make his Ad Legends debut.

Check out the latest Ad Legends video below for the full talk with Charisse Ford: