Meet the Pixers is our blog series where we introduce you to the talented folks who make our company a success. Today, we’re featuring Heather Peterson, our Manager, Organic Strategy.

Tell us a little bit about your background: 

Originally from San Diego, CA, I moved to Boston, MA after college where I studied Communications – Advertising with a minor in Radio/TV/Film. In Boston, I worked at an agency doing traditional Copywriting and then continued that type of work as a freelancer. Then I saw the opportunity to combine my love of advertising and video with working at Pixability.

What is the last thing you watched on YouTube? 

As a craft beer enthusiast I watched a video by my favorite brewery talking about their newest releases Seven Tree House beverages we are excited about! [May 2023].

What is the best career advice you have ever received? 

In high school my broadcasting teacher told all the girls in the class, don’t ever come to class with your hair wet. Which I’ve taken to mean always show up prepared and ready to put your best foot forward everyday.

What advice would you give to someone starting out in their career? 

Never stop learning. Continue to bring a curious mindset to your everyday life. Be open to learning and growing, it may surprise you what new skill or interest you pick up and how that shapes your career.