When planning a successful video strategy, marketers can’t ignore the importance of a strong presence on Connected TV (CTV) platforms. There are many good candidates for marketers looking to spend CTV advertising dollars. The question is, which platform is right for you?

The answer, of course, depends on your goals — but with over 34 million active users and counting, Amazon’s Fire TV offers a unique value to advertisers.

While all CTV platforms offer access to performance reporting and audience insights, Amazon is able to deliver a sophisticated offering to advertisers: unique reporting, metrics, and insights that leverage its massive retail network. Every product on Amazon is associated with a unique ‘ASIN’ (Amazon Standard Identification Number), and using these unique product identifiers, Amazon is able to provide extremely detailed metrics to its advertisers, allowing advertisers to track, in real time, the direct effect their Amazon advertising dollars have on Amazon retail sales. All in all, it’s an unparalleled amount of visibility into ROI. Below are just a few of the metrics advertisers are able to access from Amazon campaigns.

  • Detail Page Views (DPVs): The number of views of the advertised product’s detail pages on Amazon.
  • Add To Carts: The number of times a promoted ASIN is added to a customer’s cart.
  • Purchases: The number of times any amount of a promoted product or products are included in a purchase event. Purchase events include video rentals and new Subscribe & Save subscriptions.
  • New To Brand Purchases: The number of first-time purchases for promoted products within the brand over a one-year lookback window.

To report on this data, there are a number of options available within the Amazon Advertising platform. Users can create a custom report and choose which metrics they would like to include, and can also choose from a number of compelling and digestible template reports already created by Amazon. Many of the templated reports are available in XLS and/or PPT formats, and one of the most interesting is the ‘Retail Insights’ beta report which provides a glimpse into several unique insights, including how often your products appeared in search results since launching your campaign, and how the percentage of those search results has changed pre vs. post campaign, among others.

While access to reporting is great, it’s not particularly useful if you can’t target the right users. Fortunately, Amazon’s value does not end with its unique reporting. The platform’s ability to target specific users based on purchase history and intent is another enticing draw for advertisers trying to decide where to spend their CTV dollars.

Despite Amazon’s targeting and reporting capabilities, planning and executing a digital video strategy is still no easy feat. CTV is likely just one piece of the puzzle for most advertisers — balancing CTV with other digital video solutions, such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram is a complicated and often siloed process. That’s where Pixability comes in to help advertisers deliver world-class performance within and across these platforms. Using data science, machine learning, and a team dedicated to driving the most impact for our customers, Pixability is able to streamline and unite video advertising strategies. We’ll help find the platforms and targeting parameters that most align with key performance indicators and deliver the best-performing video advertising campaigns, analyzing performance and making optimizations every step of the way.

The streaming space is getting more crowded every day. As advertising budgets continue to flow out of traditional media and into digital, it will be interesting to see where these dollars will go — to Google, Facebook, Amazon, or some mix of all three. However, Amazon’s direct access to user data and purchase history puts them in an advantageous position to capitalize on the cord-cutting movement. No matter which platforms are best for your video advertising needs, Pixability is here to help you navigate the complex world of digital advertising, reaching your specific audience and driving impact at scale.