I’m not sure whether I love or hate the term “walled garden,” but I guess it fits the bill when the market is trying to bucketize YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter into something different from open web and television. What I do love, though, is what one finds in walled gardens: audiences. Dear brand champion, allow me to be more specific: your customers — past, present, and future — are hanging out there.

So if walled gardens are the future, then why are they so hard for brand marketers to use? Well, if I’m unabashedly stretching this metaphor, then I’ll say that the walls are too tall. The future of media is growing in the walled gardens, but their true power is when you mix what’s growing. Specifically, merely combining YouTube and Facebook advertising, yields extraordinary results.
Unfortunately, the platform players aren’t going going to fix that; it’s not in their best interest and that’s perfectly fine with us. Now you understand why we lowered the walls and created the world’s most powerful video advertising solution to date. And the implications are profound:

  • Overcoming all the fraud risks and reporting limitations of the open web
  • Providing a true path for brand advertisers who want to shift budgets to online video without giving up reach and measurement

It’s time, so today we’re excited to announce Pixability v4, the industry’s most advanced solution for video advertising on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Building on our five years of proven YouTube campaign expertise, Pixability v4 offers a revolutionary approach to campaign management across premium video platforms.
Consumers are overwhelming turning to these walled gardens to watch video — at the expense of television. Ninety-seven percent of young adults watch video on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, with a 2015 Acumen Report finding that young millennials watch an average of 22 hours of online video per week. Conversely, Nielsen found that television viewership among millennials has declined by 32% since 2010.
Pixability v4 simplifies execution of video campaigns, offering media professionals the ability to seamlessly plan, optimize, and measure across walled gardens through a single application. Our solution combines the most advanced targeting capabilities and audience insights with dynamic in-flight optimization across premium video platforms, ensuring outstanding campaign performance on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
Precise Insights & Targeting: Proprietary algorithms and machine learning are applied to the industry’s largest set of audience behavior & campaign performance data on YouTube and Facebook, driving superior targeting and optimization to improve campaign performance by 93% compared to standard targeting.
Sophisticated Media Execution: Streamline campaign management while maximizing success with our user-friendly interface, plus automated multivariate testing and in-flight optimization. Pixability campaigns achieve 93% higher video completion rates and 90% higher engagement rates compared to industry benchmarks.
Clear Reporting & Analytics: Unified campaign dashboard visualizes results across walled gardens, and across multiple accounts for agency advertisers, with normalized metrics simplifying measurement across platforms.
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