Brands are getting more creative than ever when it comes to YouTube advertising. Take Air New Zealand, for example: an airline who re-created Middle Earth (the fantasy home of Bilbo the Hobbit) for their latest commercial, or Swedish furniture powerhouse IKEA, who gave a nod to “The Shining” in its latest Halloween-themed YouTube ad. Check out five of Pixability’s latest picks for Video of the Week.
1. Whirlpool: The Whirlpool Every Day, Care Anthem

Why it works: Whirlpool uses images of the modern American family in a very classic, no frills, commercial format. Their message reflects how their brand cares for you just as your family would.
Areas for improvement: This video was clearly made for a TV commercial spot rather than for YouTube. Because of its length as well as its lack of engagement, YouTube viewers might opt to leave the video rather quickly.
Key Takeaways: Although it’s a safe choice compared to many other brand videos, the classic commercial format of voice-overs, heartwarming footage and a catchy soundtrack can still work if done well.
2. IKEA: Halloween

Why it works: This IKEA video is seasonally relevant with its ode to the Stanley Kubrick classic, “The Shining.” The scenes IKEA parodies are iconic enough for all viewers to at least recognize the references, but also have hidden easter eggs for diehard fans. The video is able to play on the Halloween theme while still showing products and advertising that it is open until 11 p.m.
Areas for improvement: Younger viewers or those who haven’t seen “The Shining” might not get the reference.
Key Takeaways: Seasonality and nostalgia both work well on YouTube to elicit audience engagement.
3. Beats by Dre: Re-established 2014

Why it works: The soundtrack, voice-over, and visuals all paint an emotional picture of Lebron James’ homecoming. Every aspect of the video engages the viewer from the wireless Beats headphones Lebron wears during the video to the end card annotations that lead to different stories of his early life in Ohio.
Areas for improvement: Though there isn’t much to fix with this video, the religious undertones could turn away some viewers.
Key takeaways: In the same vein as Gatorade’s recent Derek Jeter commercial, this video works because of the idolization of a superstar and his hometown.
4. CapitolTV Presents ‘DISTRICT VOICES’ – All-New Series!

Why it works: Instead of producing a traditional movie or TV trailer, the creators of “The Hunger Games” uses popular YouTube stars like iJustine and feastoffiction for this special five-episode series to promote the upcoming premiere. This video also contains an interesting use of YouTube’s new Video Interactivity Templates that bring viewers to particular episodes on the website.
Areas for improvement: Surprising, yet unfamiliar content can confuse people who are not familiar with”The Hunger Games.” Also, the only way to navigate between episodes is to follow the End Card links that bring viewers to the embedded player on the CapitolTV website. A dedicated playlist for the series would be a more user-friendly option.
Key takeaways: Partnerships with YouTube creators are great to reach larger audiences in a co-branded experience.
5. Air New Zealand: The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made #airnzhobbit

Why it works: Air New Zealand’s new flight safety video inspired by the “Hobbit” film trilogy features beloved characters who are trying to explain airline safety rules – possibly the most epic way to get people to pay attention to rote rules ever created.
Areas for improvement: You will want to go to New Zealand. Or at least watch “The Hobbit.” Both options take quite the time investment.
Key takeaways: This four-minute safety video is an excellent addition to Air New Zealand’s “fun” approach to travel. Timing also matters;the video has been opportunistically released ahead of the final film of the The Hobbit Trilogy: “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies”.