Bespoke Targeting

Reaching Fashion-Forward Males for a Footwear Retailer on YouTube







The Challenge

Consumers are increasingly turning to video to discover new products and shape their brand decisions.

When a footwear retailer wanted to raise awareness of its signature line of boots among fashion-conscious males aged 18-49, it asked its media agency to put its best foot forward with a targeted YouTube campaign. To achieve the retailer’s campaign goals, the media agency turned to Pixability.

The Strategy

Pixability’s video advertising solution combines data-driven insights on audience behavior, sophisticated targeting technology, and an expert campaign management team to consistently deliver superior results. In-flight, Pixability shifted budgets to capitalize on the more receptive audience when ‘fashionista’ interest targeting drove higher view rates than targeting for ‘outdoors.’

The Result

The precise targeting and dynamic optimizations across platforms paid off. The retailer’s YouTube campaign exceeded Pixability’s view-to-completion rate benchmarks by 47%, and exceeded view rate benchmarks by 46%. Powered by Pixability’s powerful technology and expert team, the retailer’s campaign effectively reached the brand’s target audience of fashion-conscious males, and successfully raised awareness for the brand’s signature boot.


higher YouTube view-to-completion rates than benchmarks


higher view rate on YouTube than benchmarks

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