Kettle & Fire Partners With Pixability To Increase Brand Awareness On YouTube

“Pixability has been instrumental in helping shape a unique strategy for Kettle & Fire to grow our presence on YouTube. Their expertise, coupled with their platform, helps us reach the right audiences to drive success across the funnel.”

Victoria Belinsky,

Director of Marketing


Food and Beverage



The Challenge

Kettle & Fire is a health and wellness company that makes convenient, delicious and nutritious bone broth, cooking broth and soups. They initially engaged with Pixability to help curate the right combination of ad units, video creative, and targeting to achieve success on the YouTube platform. Today, Kettle & Fire has established a strong brand presence on YouTube – both organic and paid – and consistently gains strong brand lift from the platform.

For a recent campaign, Kettle & Fire sought to drive increased brand awareness amongst food buyers, specifically “healthy eaters.”

The Strategy

To target the desired “healthy eater” audience, Pixability leveraged its proprietary mix of behavioral and contextual targeting tactics to reach a specific target audience seeking healthy food. Additionally, Pixability paired skippable TrueView In-stream ads on YouTube with the vertical influencer creative on mobile to highlight various Kettle & Fire messaging across the platform to engage this custom audience.

The Result

The campaign outperformed previously set benchmarks. The overall VCR was 51.77 %, and the campaign achieved a total watch time of 1.88M minutes. With +7.7% absolute lift in ad recall, it was clear viewers were likely to remember the Kettle & Fire ads.




minutes of watch time


absolute lift in ad recall

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