Saucony & iProspect Partner With Pixability To Uncover Cross-Platform Insights and Drive Massive Lift In Awareness, Intent, And Purchases

“With the continued shift in digital attention of our core audience to streaming video, we knew partnering with Pixability would maximize our reach and product interest.”

Jessica Rosenthal

Sr. Marketing Director


Footwear and Apparel


Amazon Fire TV, Roku, YouTube

The Challenge

Going into 2021, Saucony and its agency, iProspect, wanted to increase market share among female fashion-conscious runners through launches of the new Kinvara 12, Ride 14 and Endorphin Collection.

After a successful partnership helped amplify new product awareness on Connected TV (CTV) screens in 2020, the brand and agency again partnered with Pixability to develop a winning strategy that paired CTV with a full-funnel approach on YouTube to drive awareness of new product launches, boost search and purchase intent, and ultimately drive purchases.

The Strategy

Leveraging the PixabilityONE video advertising platform and past footwear campaign data, Pixability developed a highly segmented, full-funnel strategy that positioned CTV (including YouTube for TV Screens) campaigns to drive product awareness alongside lower-funnel, direct response campaigns on YouTube to move the needle on search, purchase intent, and conversions across the three launches.

Based on Saucony’s core persona of fashion-conscious runners, Pixability created a unified strategy across YouTube, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku that targeted audiences around interests and affinities in health and fitness, including exercise equipment, running gear, fitness classes, and more.

In-flight, Pixability uncovered insights into how specific audiences on each platform engaged with the brand’s many different creative assets, and executed more than 143K optimizations on YouTube alone to drive performance throughout the funnel. While the PixabilityONE platform performs many optimizations automatically, the team also unearthed learnings about Saucony’s audience’s behaviors that could be applied across platforms — for example, Pixability saw that audiences interested in ‘Post Workout & Recovery Products’ drove some of the highest purchase rates on Amazon, Pixability layered in custom behavioral targeting to reach people searching for protein bars, protein powders, and other post-workout/recovery items on YouTube. Pixability’s campaigns also paired high-performing contextual and behavioral data to maximize impact — including the implementation of sequential remarketing through Bumper ads on YouTube to drive ad recall, and using TrueView for Action ads to motivate viewers to click through to the Saucony site and purchase.

The Result

By synthesizing creative and audience insights into a full-funnel video strategy across YouTube and CTV, Pixability and iProspect drove a massive impact for Saucony across three new product launches.

Across the campaigns that ran on YouTube, Saucony saw a 128% lift in Google searches for the Kinvara, Ride, and Endorphin Collection, highlighting the campaign’s impact on purchase intent. Saucony saw a 2X higher view-to-completion rate on YouTube on TV Screens than industry benchmarks and sequentially retargeting those viewers with TrueView for Action ads drove a steady flow of traffic to the site. The commercials that aired on Amazon Fire connected TV devices were measured as driving a 28.5% lift in Saucony product search on and the Amazon app with more than half of attributed sales coming from new customers to the brand. The Roku connected TV commercials delivered a 21.24% lift for awareness, consideration, and purchase intent among exposed users. Pixability’s data- and insights-driven approach to Connected TV helped Saucony identify new target audiences, seize market share, drive awareness, and motivate consumers to purchase. The team is thrilled to continue working together for further campaigns as audiences continue to flock to YouTube and CTV.


optimizations performed on YouTube alone


lift in Search on Google/YouTube and drove 22.4K clicks to the Saucony site. This resulted in 5,739 purchases with a 1.35X repeat rate

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