Happy National Latinx Heritage Month! At Pixability, one way we’re observing this month is by advocating for more inclusive advertising strategies. Part of our mission in developing video ad technology is to help advertisers support those that align with their own values. There are so many great creators and artists on YouTube that we believe brands and agencies should be supporting. However, we sometimes see advertisers go too far in their keyword blocking or limit their approach to contextual targeting, and as a result, great content doesn’t get included in marketer’s strategies.

This is a big problem. Clumsy approaches to keyword blocking and contextual targeting are not only preventing brands from connecting with Latinx communities, but also prevents creators and artists from earning ad revenue from their content. And without ad revenue, these communities can’t grow and thrive on YouTube.

An alternative approach is to adopt a more inclusive YouTube strategy. To encourage brands and agencies to support the Latinx community through YouTube advertising, Pixability has built a list of Latinx creators and artists that are making awesome content on the platform. The Latinx Creators List is available free of charge, and can be requested here for inclusion in Google Ads or DV360 targeting.

The list features great creators from across YouTube, including:

MayaInTheMoment (44.7K subscribers, 1.1M views), who creates content around ukulele music, arts and crafts, plus-size fashion, and more.

Werevertumorro (16.7M subscribers, 2.8B views), who makes vlog, gaming, and comedy videos.

Daniela Suarez (86.9K subscribers, 12.5M views), who shares content for fitness buffs, with workout plans for both beginner and advanced athletes.

MannyMua (4.85M subscribers, 558M views), whose popular channel features vlogs, beauty and makeup tutorials, and unboxing videos.

The advertising industry has lots of work to do in supporting marginalized communities, but we hope by unlocking access to this list of brand-suitable YouTube creators, we can help brands and agencies get the ball rolling in the right direction.