Last week, our Chief Product Officer Jackie Swansburg Paulino appeared on ExchangeWire’s TraderTalk TV to discuss the explosive growth of the Connected TV ecosystem, and how advertisers can ensure their strategies remain brand suitable on CTV platforms.

During the episode, Jackie discusses:

Big issues around brand suitability across the Connected TV universe
While the vast majority of Connected TV content is brand safe, not all content is brand suitable for all advertisers. For example, entertainment content that includes alcohol consumption may not be suitable for a CPG home goods brand, but it’d be perfectly suitable for a spirits brand. Likewise, an ad for that same spirits brand would not be suitable for a kid’s cartoon.

How Pixability’s technology helps advertisers ensure brand suitability across Connected TV
Pixability has closely partnered with the IAB and the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) to provide expertise for their efforts to standardize safety and suitability across video platforms. In our platform, we utilize their suitability, safety, and content taxonomies to categorize content, and provide labeling and measurement of safety and suitability at the video level.

YouTube’s Place In CTV
As we’ve previously mentioned, Google describes TV as its “fastest growing screen.” In this TraderTalk TV episode, Jackie points out that viewers watched 700M hours of YouTube on TV screens in January 2022 alone. She also shared that viewers are not only watching user-generated YouTube content on their living room screens, but we see lots of ads served on the Movies channel on YouTube. Also, when watching YouTube on TV Screens, viewers tend to watch ads in their entirety more often than on desktop or mobile devices.

Watch the video now for the full discussion of brand suitability and Connected TV: