As more and more consumers cut the cable cord — or never subscribe to cable in the first place — they’re turning instead to digital destinations like YouTube and Facebook to view video content.
Marketers are waking up to this fact — when Pixability surveyed marketers across the industry, we found that digital video is included in 100% of marketer’s strategies. Half of marketers say major digital video domains like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram comprise 26% or more of their media spend, compared to 40% of marketers that allocate 26% or more to linear TV.
But when marketers look to the future, what are they most excited for?
Our survey found that marketers see the most potential in Amazon Video. The retail giant’s vast data on consumer buying habits promise to upend direct response marketing strategies when Amazon rolls out programmatic buying for its video products, including 5+ second placements on- and off-site, and in-stream video.

While OTT/Connected TV comprises a small share of budgets today, marketers are as excited for this emerging channel as augmented reality technology. Marketers should experiment with bleeding edge tech like augmented and virtual reality to capture attention in the evolving space, outpacing the competition before widespread consumer adoption.
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