The pendulum is swinging away from Linear TV, as Pixability’s proprietary research shows that 75% of US consumers will not subscribe to a cable subscription in the next few years. And with US advertisers on track to spend more than $25 billion on CTV this year, it’s hard to deny that CTV is quickly becoming one of the hottest ways to reach today’s consumers. 

However, while the CTV ecosystem rapidly attracts more audience eyeballs and advertiser dollars, advertisers still need help with a handful of challenges in the space. One big challenge for advertisers is the need for more transparency regarding where their CTV ads run to ensure brand safety and suitability in this ever-changing ecosystem. Additionally, privacy regulations, compounded with the fact that each household has an average of 2.5 people, make it hard to know if advertisers are reaching the right person on any given CTV screen. 

To help solve this challenge, Pixability believes contextual targeting is a critical piece in an advertiser’s strategy and is making a comeback as a proxy for audience targeting in a privacy-safe world. That’s why last year, we partnered with IRIS.TV to bring our industry-leading brand suitability solution for YouTube to CTV. With our Contextual Segments for CTV, advertisers gain more transparency into where their ads are running on CTV platforms and understand the suitability and contextual relevance of that content.

Bringing Brand Suitability to the GroupM Premium Marketplace

IRIS.TV and GroupM recently announced their partnership to provide advertisers with better video-level targeting to improve performance and deliver better outcomes. As the industry’s leading brand suitability data solution, we’re excited to share that this means Pixability’s Contextual Segments for CTV are now available to GroupM Premium Marketplace advertisers at a preferred rate. 

What does that mean for advertisers?

Pixability brings 12+ years of experience in brand suitability on YouTube to CTV, offering advertisers: 

  • Best-in-class suitability. We deliver best-in-class brand suitability across IRIS-enabled™ CTV publishers using the GARM safety and suitability framework in conjunction with IAB tier 1 and 2 categories.
  • Advanced Data + Tech. Pixability leverages computer vision, natural language processing language, generative AI, and YouTube deterministic data to categorize CTV content according to Pixability’s proprietary taxonomy.
  • Transparent Inventory. Pixability can provide a pre-bid transparency report that you can count on to feel more confident in your buying strategy and peace of mind that you’re reaching your campaign targets. 

Ready to deliver better customer experiences on CTV and drive your advertising outcomes? Click here to learn more about Pixability’s role in the new GroupM and IRIS.TV partnership.