The conversation around brand safety and suitability is evolving. Just three years ago, agency strategies were all about defense — keeping client ads away from harmful content.

Today, we’re seeing the conversation move beyond safety and toward a deeper understanding of how suitable an environment is for a specific advertiser. When we talk with agencies, they’re going on the offense, and looking to uncover user content that aligns with their clients’ values, support positive artists and creators, and identify where their ads will perform best.

Brand safety and suitability has been core to our mission since 2012 when we first patented our YouTube suitability technology, so we were excited to participate in the 614 Group’s Brand Safety Summit on May 18. At the event, we hosted a great discussion between some of the industry’s leading experts on brand safety and suitability, with our CEO David George joined by Rob Rakowitz, Initiative Lead for GARM, Danielle Wolinsky, Global Head of YouTube Ads Buying Experiences for Google, and John Montgomery, Executive Vice President of Brand Safety for GroupM.

The group discusses:

  • How GARM’s new framework establishes standards of measurement around suitability
  • The major strides that YouTube has taken to create a safe platform for users and advertisers
  • The massive opportunity for advertisers to take advantage of YouTube’s high level of safety and suitability to find the right audiences and contexts for their campaigns

Check out the recording of the session below:

Want to learn more about how advertisers should approach brand suitability and performance on YouTube? Check out our recent e-book for best practices throughout every stage of a campaign: Ensuring Brand Suitability on YouTube.