Fast food fanatics are flocking to YouTube and other digital video platforms to watch and share videos around their favorite quick-service restaurant brands.

But what kind of QSR videos are these audiences looking to engage with? In Pixability’s latest study on the QSR space, we sought to understand how audiences are engaging with QSR content across different platforms to help marketers better develop impactful video strategies.

Here’s what we found:

While repurposed TV ads deliver the largest share of views, this is due to brand investment in paid advertising behind these recycled ads. The most-engaging QSR video content on YouTube is review and challenge content — highlighting that made-for-digital content types like these are what viewers are craving. Brands should look to move beyond just repurposed TV ads to some of these other types of videos with a more user-generated content (UGC) feel to drive higher engagement with their digital presence.

We also found that audiences are increasingly craving breakfast content on YouTube, with annual views of this sub-space increasing by 78% since 2016. That’s almost twice as fast as the growth in the overall QSR space on YouTube. Brands that offer breakfast, lunch and dinner — such as McDonald’s — should invest in paid media to support their breakfast content to get in front of these content-hungry audiences, and get ahead of the competition.

Download our latest study on the QSR video space now — and let’s connect if you’d like to meet for a walkthrough for all of Pixability’s insights on the QSR and food and beverage spaces across digital video platforms.