Video platforms are always on the cutting edge of innovation, investing in new targeting strategies and tools to help marketers reach their audiences. Here at Pixability, we’ve got our ear to the ground to keep our customers in the know — and we’ve been the experts in video for 11 years today.

Here’s the latest updates and innovative strategies from the video platforms that matter to advertisers:

New Beta Available on YouTube: Maximize Lift

The Maximize Lift ad extension optimizes campaigns to reach the consumers that are most likely to be influenced to consider your brand or product, driving brand awareness. Pixability recommends running the Maximize Lift beta alongside a Brand Lift 2.0 study, which enables real-time tracking and optimization of TrueView campaigns.

New Beta Available on Facebook: Mobile-Optimized Video Creation Tool

Facebook’s video creation tool allows advertisers to quickly and easily develop video for mobile using existing static image assets, text overlays, and logos. With this new tool, advertisers can drive brand and product awareness through video — without the investment in creative that video traditionally requires.

Connected TV Ad Impressions Jumped 193% in 2018

More consumers are cutting the cable cord, and they’re turning to connected TV devices to view video from the comfort of their home. A recent study showed that ad impressions jumped 193% year-over-year, showcasing the rapid growth of the industry.

Want to test out a new beta opportunity, or reach your audiences through connected TV screens? Let’s connect — we’d love to schedule some time to walk through Pixability’s data-driven approach to video and how it can make an impact on your target audiences.