The Problem

Millennials are increasingly cutting the cable cord, or never subscribing in the first place, turning instead to social video platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to consume video.

So when ride-sharing service Zipcar wanted to increase its millennial customer base, it knew that a cross-platform social video ad campaign was key. But managing simultaneous campaigns across social platforms can be complicated, with disparate ad formats, targeting options, and reporting metrics. The combination can make it hard for advertisers to accurately compare performance and measure the impact of their video campaigns.

Advertising in the Fast Lane

Zipcar partnered with Pixability to uncover data-driven insights about its target audience that would inform campaign setups across platforms, and granular audience and placement targeting. Our unified reporting dashboard then enabled easy measurement and evaluation of YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram performance. Since the initial cross-platform campaign, social video has become Zipcar’s best-performing source of new customer acquisitions.

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