And it’s not just about Taylor Swift coverage…

The Super Bowl is already the most-watched television program in the US each year, but this year’s big game is anticipated to be even bigger. This is largely due to the ongoing, unexpected crossover with the stronger-than-ever romance between Kansas City Chiefs Tight End Travis Kelce and superstar Taylor Swift.

So what does this mean for Super Bowl advertisers? More. Viewers. Than. Ever.

It’s no secret that Super Bowl viewers are as excited to watch the in-game advertisements as they are to watch the actual game. As arguably one of the biggest days in advertising in the US, it is important for advertisers to understand how to adapt to the evolving ways that viewers are consuming Super Bowl content on platforms outside of traditional live TV – particularly on YouTube.

1. Viewers watch the Super Bowl live and visit YouTube to re-watch advertisements that were run during the big game

Ten years ago people watched ads live on game day on cable TV. Today the “not-yet-cord-cutters” still watch on cable but most watch it on a streaming service. In either case, viewers now visit YouTube during and after the game to relive and rewatch commercials, like Tubi’s viral Super Bowl 2023 ad simulating someone accidentally changing the channel during the game. This represents a big shift in how Super Bowl ads are consumed, and has extended the impact for big game advertisers, forcing them to rethink their approach.

2. Viewers are watching Super Bowl content on multiple screens at once

According to MarTech Series, 49% of viewers are using multiple devices (TV, mobile, laptop, tablet) to follow the big game, giving brands more opportunities to reach viewers on different platforms. Advertisers should think multi-platform and create multiple ad formats to achieve maximum success. In addition to watching the game on multiple types of  screens, 69% of viewers use a second screen to find more info about a product or service on an ad. Advertisers should understand that having their TV spots on YouTube can help viewers watch an ad again or having additional YouTube content can help viewers learn more about a product they saw in a TV ad. 

3. The Super Bowl saw more reach among adults on YouTube than on TV

Advertisers should understand where their audience is consuming content…obviously! According to Comscore, there was an 88% reach for adults on YouTube whereas there was a 68% reach for adults on TV during Super Bowl LVII in 2023. Being active on YouTube can only help your brand with reach extension.

4. Advertisers can take advantage of YouTube’s incremental Gen Z reach at a fraction of the cost of traditional Super Bowl TV ads

TV advertisements do not always reach all optimal viewers. ComScore reports that, on average, over 60% of viewers ages 18-34 saw a Super Bowl ad on YouTube that they never saw on TV. By adding YouTube to paid media strategy, ComScore saw 1.5x more reach within ages 18-34 for Super Bowl LVII ads than on Linear TV alone.

By using a portion of Super Bowl ad budgets for YouTube spend, you can lead your brand’s advertising to incremental reach, 2-3x more efficient impressions, and more niche targeting capabilities. 

On top of greater reach on YouTube, the average CPM is far more cost effective than a Super Bowl ad on TV, with CPMs less than half the cost of Super Bowl advertisements.

5. YouTube allows fans to watch Super Bowl content both before and after the big game, allowing advertisements to be re-visited again and again after the live game ends

Pixability reports 70% of Super Bowl ad views occur on dates surrounding the Super Bowl. YouTube, above all, is the one-stop-shop for all video content related to the Super Bowl. This isn’t limited to Super Bowl advertisements, however. Pixability also reports that views for Super Bowl-related content on YouTube reached 3.7B between November 2022 and February 2023, indicating that there is a large appetite for Super Bowl-related content on YouTube throughout the year. 

Whether you are excited for a Swiftie Super Bowl (4+9=13, Taylor’s lucky number, you know…) or not, this year’s Super Bowl will not be one to miss. 

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