As more and more viewers turn to video platforms, these platforms are racing to deliver the best viewing and advertiser experiences — and rolling out new targeting strategies, ad products, and features to beat the competition.

Our analysts are always on top of changes across the dominant video platforms — here’s the latest updates that marketers need to know:

YouTube: Custom Audiences
Previously, marketers could reach specific subsets of consumers based on behaviors by targeting against Custom Intent and Custom Affinity audiences — now, YouTube is rolling out a beta that unites these into a single, powerful solution: Custom Audiences. While this beta is still limited to whitelisted marketers, let us know if you’d like to test out this solution in a YouTube campaign.

Facebook: Test and Learn
Facebook recently launched the Test and Learn interface, which allows marketers to measure the true value of their Facebook advertising strategy by serving users questions related to their ad campaigns. Marketers can measure both ad recall and brand awareness through Test and Learn.

Amazon: Attribution Updates
Amazon has implemented a number of updates to its Attribution console, including expanding access to customers in the US and UK. In addition, the platform has added bulk operations to streamline edits to simplify how marketers measure the impact of their advertising on sales.

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